My research focuses on the relationship between semiotic chaos and dynamics of subjectivation. More specifically, I’m interested in the psychological consequences of info-stimuli proliferation on the internet and the media industry. What hap- pens when the flux of words and images which go through us break our mental rhythm? Is a coherent interpretation of reality still possible, or is a new harmony by which create new meanings necessary? Starting with this questions, schizophrenia is considered as a relational model between the world and the self. In my works contents from the internet, personal and intimate monologues, other authors’ creations and extract from philosophical texts merge in a single and delusional discourse. The boundaries between the inside and the outside, the personal and the public, the self and the Other collapse: everything contribute to the genesis of a schizophrenic subjectivity. Glows of sincerity and empathy rise from chaos.

MA in Art and Media, Brera Academy of Fine Art, Milan
BA in Psychology, La Sapienza University of Rome, Rome

The Image As a Process, curated by Carlo Sala and The Cool Couple, Photo OpenUp/Fondazione Francesco Fabbri, Cattedrale Ex Macello, Padova (IT)
Neuro_Revolution, curated by Francesca Lazzarini, MLZ Art Dep, Trieste (IT)
Fake Lake, curated by Kamilia Kard, online
I Spy With My Little Mobile, curated by Fred Cosci, The Wrong Biennale, Brighton-London (UK)
Is it? curated by Deja Bečaj, Hotel Windischer, Fotopub Festival, Novo Mesto (SL)
2019 (two-person):
Fantastico Capriccio, w/Ariel Heller, curated by Clara Scola, Vaku Project Space, Bergamo (IT)
DucatoPrize, curated by Michele Cristella, Palazzo del Podestà di Castell’Arcquato, Piacenza (IT)
2018 (performance):
The Quite Unpleasant Live Show! w/Simone Marcelli, curated by AD Bologna, private house, Bologna (IT)
Oscura#2, curated by Oscura Collective, Spazio Raw, Milan (IT)
Miami Street Photography Festival finalists exhibition, MSFV, HistoryMuseum, Miami (USA)

Awards and residencies
Neuro_Revolution residency, MLZ Art Dep/Air Trieste - winner
DucatoPrize, Academy section - winner
Miami Street Photography Festival - finalist

F4/Un’idea di fotografia 2020 - catalogue
Photo OpenUp 2020 - catalogue
Fotopub 2019 (upcoming) - catalogue
Ducato Prize 2019 - catalogue
Oscura #2 magazine - zine
“Dialogo con la morte”, PLS Magazine - online magazine