I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw 5 strange coins materializing in front of me!!

5 transparent resin coins (stereolitography); plexiglass.
66x35x1.8cm. Each coin: 6x6x0.6cm.

Platforms like Instagram seem to give a hedonic distraction to the the depressed late capitalist individual. However, this temporary consolation let the users stuck in a closed circuit between positive and negative emotions, which results in an infinite refresh feed: the monetization of users’ emotional deficiencies. The artwork displays five semi-transparent coins. On their opposite sides the antinomic extremes of five emotional states are reported. This schizophrenic and undefined emotionality, linked to social media consumption, is an adaption of the five primary emotions theory. The stereolithography-printed coins manifest themselves between the visibile and the invisible, the digital and the material realms: the hybrid space in which subjectivities become commodities.

always calm/always anxious;
never bored/never excited;
great pleasure/great misery;
deeply connected/deeply lonely;
forever content/forever sad.
A plexiglass coin Plexiglass coins