Latest Updates on L.M.’s Most Obscure Emotions and Desires

Video, 16:9, 1080p, 04:42 min.
Video, 16:9, 1080p, 00:42 min.
Whale - wool and ecological sheepskin, 97x24cm + Audio, 22:44min.
Cake - sponge cake, margarine, icing sugar, food coloring. 32x32x15cm circa.

Is it possible to coherently and linearly interpretate reality in the infinite and heterogeneous flux of information we deal with online everyday? How the absence of a connective core, which could give meaning to our experience on the internet, influences our emotivity? The work is composed of fragmented signs that represent the emotions and desires of the fictional character L.M. His subjectivity’s contents fit in a hybrid space between the personal and the collective, between suffering and entertainment. In the exhibition space these elements coexist: a compilation of cute chinchillas’ videos taken from Instagram; a series of quotes about depression and emptiness (taken from Instagram and Tumblr) that follow each other so quickly that they become just a visual stimulation; a handmade cake which refers to a hypothetical desire; a stuffed whale pronouncing This is water, a speech by David Foster Wallace, at low volume so it becomes just white noise, until you really pay attention to it. The visitor is invited to interpretate L.M.’s interiority, where everything is connected and fragmented and the different meanings tangle in a spiral of audiovisual stimulation. Sentences like I’m not happy nor sad just empty coexist with the concept of desire itself which takes the form of a cake, the poignant words of D. F. Wallace interacts with a smiling chinchilla. The contents generate a space (which is both the internet and the emotive space) where everything is equally important and unimportant: everything ends up in a sad, childish and entertaining nothingness. The desired and desiring void.

Photographs from the exhibition Is it? at l’Hotel Windischer (Novo Mesto, Slovenia), during contemporary art festival Fotopub.
Whale plush Cake on a table in front of a monitor Photography of chinchilla Photography of chinchilla "I just wanna to sleep and never wake up" written in a monitor Cake and monitor Cake on a table Cake on a table